About this Website

Purpose and Goal of this Website?

This website is a self-help, do-it-yourself (DIY) place where you do more than just read about an IRS payment plan form and how to settle with the IRS. On this website there is a page that simulates an IRS installment agreement form for you to use to see how easy the form is to fill in.

While online you can enter the amount of income tax you owe plus any added penalties and interest assessed by the IRS, how much of a down payment you can make, and then immediately see what the monthly payment would be over a 36-month and 72-month payment period for an IRS income tax payment plan.

Anything you input is entered anonymously; your name, signing in, or email address is never ever requested. NEVER. For us it is all about IRS tax debt help.

This website is designed to allow you to actually see how IRS calculations work in real-time and give you in an easy to read screen (which can be printed from your browser what amounts to place and on which lines on the IRS installment payment form.

From that point you can fill in the two-page IRS payment plan form yourself and mail it in. We provide a link to download the official IRS form from our website and you can also download the form directly from the IRS website.

At the end you will have saved on professional fees, have a better understanding of the IRS installment program to share with others, and the knowledge gained will help taxpayers like yourself remove some of the mystery, myths, and scary stories that are so common when talking about how to settle IRS debt comes up.

That is why we are using a “see what it looks like before you file” approach in providing an online calculation and display of what the results of IRS guaranteed, and streamlined plans would look like. Here you can see what kind of personal information is placed on the IRS form, and what amounts are placed (really, there only about 3 or 4 amounts that need to be entered) on the IRS installment payment form.

Who can benefit by using this website?

Individuals who owe income tax for one or more years and want to see examples where an individual’s personal tax situation can be entered online with complete anonymity to see possible outcomes for installment agreements or an offer-in-compromise to settle with the IRS.

People who would like to see installment payment results under different scenarios, such as if larger or no down payment is made. Or the difference is monthly payments between a 36-month installment agreement versus a 72-month installment agreement.

People wanting to see what IRS forms and applications look like to decide if the tools in this website can help them fill out their own IRS forms to settle with the IRS or decide to, instead, hire a tax consultant or tax professional such as a tax lawyer or CPA.

Individuals can use the calculations and screen prints of filled-in IRS formatted online reports to give to their tax consultant or professional as part of interviewing them for services or to get a head start on providing basic information to the tax advisor they hire to finish and file with the IRS.

What is needed to use the tools on this website?

To get online Other than your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, you should only have the most recent tax bill you received from the IRS. The tax bill or notice you received will usually have the amount of income tax owed and another amount for interest and penalties. Make a note of both to input online. That plus an idea of how much of a down payment you need is all you need.