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End the frustration and worry of working out an IRS income tax payment plan to settle IRS taxes.

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7 Step DIY Solution to fill out IRS payment plan form to settle with the IRS

7 Do-It-Yourself Steps to settle IRS Debt

You can work out a plan to settle with the IRS using just this website.
In fact, if you settle with the IRS and pay past due taxes in 36 months, the IRS, by law, must accept your payment plan.

The best part?

✓  You don't have to know how to fill out an IRS payment plan form.
✓  Just enter the tax owed, interest & penalties, and amount of down payment to settle with the IRS.

You will never be asked to enter any personal information in order to get IRS tax debt help from this website.

Does just entering 3 amounts for the year to see your monthly payment sound easy enough to get IRS tax debt help?

See what payments might look like for a Guaranteed or Streamlined IRS income tax payment plan anonymously without entering your name, address, job info, or social security number.

The good news is that if you settle with the IRS (including interest and penalties) in 36 or 72 months then getting the IRS to approve an IRS payment plan form can be easier than you think.

The purpose of this website is for you to get IRS tax debt help in applying for an IRS income tax payment plan AND a place where you can calculate your payments online painlessly and anonymously to settle IRS debt.

For Example:

✓  If you owe $10,000 or less and can pay off the balance due in 36 months, the IRS will automatically approve your IRS payment plan form (see Form 9465 under Forms menu) to settle IRS debt.
✓  The IRS payment plan form is only 2 pages long and should only take 15 minutes to complete.

Instead of paying a lot for tax firms to do a simple IRS payment plan form, you can pay those hundreds or thousands of dollars instead to settle IRS debt.

Installment agreements are an effective way to settle IRS taxes, BUT over the period of making payments there are charges for interest and penalties.

The table below illustrates monthly payment amounts plus charges for interest and penalties and the total amount a taxpayer would pay over the life of either IRS income tax payment plan obtained to settle IRS debt.

table of estimated monthly payments, interest & penalty charges, and total payments
Tax Owed Penalties & Interest Payment Plan Type Advance Payment Requirement Monthly Payment Total Pen. & Int. Total Payments
Principal Penalties & Interest
$ 8,000 $ 640 Guaranteed Streamlined $0.00
$ 10,000 $ 800 Guaranteed Streamlined $0.00
$ 12,000 $ 960 Guaranteed Streamlined $2,000
$ 15,000 $ 1,200 Guaranteed Streamlined $5,000
$ 20,000 $ 1,600 Guaranteed Streamlined $10,000
$ 25,000 $ 2,000 Guaranteed Streamlined $15,000
$ 40,000 $ 3,200 Guaranteed Streamlined $30,000
$ 50,000 $ 4,000 Guaranteed Streamlined $40,000
Note: Penalties and Interest are estimated using 6% annual rate for each.

Choose Your Installment Option

✓  Our IRS tax debt help site shows two options below for you to look at. See which IRS income tax payment plan you qualify for to settle with the IRS. To settle IRS taxes of $10,000 or less, fill in both to compare the differences in the monthly payment plans between the two plans to settle with the IRS.

✓  Print the results for one or both plans to settle IRS taxes from your browser.

✓  Download the IRS payment form to see if you feel comfortable filling it in and mailing it in yourself to settle IRS taxes. The top part is where you enter your personal information.

✓  The second part of the IRS income tax payment plan to settle IRS taxes is where you enter amounts calculated for you or from screen print(s).

✓  Amounts to enter on the form can be copied directly so you don’t have to bother doing the arithmetic. Here at this IRS tax debt help website it’s already done for you according to IRS guidelines for the IRS payment plan form to settle IRS debt.

If you ONLY owe taxes for 2018 you may qualify for a Guaranteed Installment Agreement.

If you meet all the requirements below, the IRS by law, must accept your proposed agreement:
  1. The tax owed is not more than $10,000 (your tax bill less interest, penalties, and other charges). See NOTE below.
  2. All tax returns due for prior years must have been filed and taxes due for those years have been paid.
  3. If your 2018 return has not been filed, application for installment plan and tax return must be filed together.
  4. You have not entered into an installment agreement for the payment of income taxes.
  5. You agree to pay the full amount you owe within 3 years (36 months).
  6. You are not able to currently pay the amount due in full.

Click to calculate guaranteed installment payment

NOTE: If you owe more than $10,000 in taxes (not including interest, penalties, and other charges) you may still qualify by including a payment with your application for installment payments to bring the amount of tax owed to $10,000 or less.

If you owe taxes for one or more years you may qualify for a streamlined installment agreement.

The term of a streamlined agreement is:
  1. 6 years (72 months) for tax debts up to $50,000
  2. 7 years (84 months) for tax debts of $50,001 to $100,000.

Click to calculate streamlined installment payment

PLEASE NOTE: The calculations, tools, and information provided on this website are strictly limited to U.S. Federal Individual Income Taxes reported on Form 1040 and should not be relied upon for state, corporate, or other taxes. (This website not affiliated with the I.R.S. or any other tax authority).